“R is for Ricochet” by Sue Grafton

r is for ricochet 1

Genre: Mystery (Kinsey Babysits a Felon) — Buy it! — Kinsey Millhone is a PI out of the fictional town of Santa Teresa, CA (think Santa Barbara).  An ex-cop, 37 years old (this is 1987) married twice and divorced twice, she lives in a garage apartment owned by her 87 year old landlord, Henry. Nord…

“The Cottoncrest Curse” by Michael H. Rubin

the cottoncrest curse featured

Genre: Mystery (Excellent Murder Mystery) – Buy it! – Today: Cottoncrest Plantation, Louisiana An old man and his teenage grand-daughter arrived, with a busload of tourists, at the Cottoncrest plantation for a tour. Instead of taking the morning tour, the old man sits outside with his grand-daughter  and tells her a story about her great-great-grandfather,…

April 2016 Thrillers


No April fools here…..real new books!  I think….haha – Poisonous by Allison Brennan (Buy it!) The Advocate’s Daughter by Anthony Franze No One Knows by J.T. Ellison Far From True by Linwood Barclay Down The Darkest Street by Alex Segura Beachhead by Jeffery Hess The Lord of Ireland by E.M. Powell Hanging Mary by Susan…

“Shots Fired” by C.J. Box

shots fired and blaze

(Short Stories) Genre: Thriller / Mystery – Buy it! – “Shots Fired” is a selection of 10 widely varied short stories. It was interesting reading this book as I read one story and then I was done. Then I read another….done again. I loved them; short sweet and sometimes bittersweet. Below is a a very…

“The Guilty” by David Baldacci

the guilty 1

(Robie Goes Home) Genre: Thriller – Buy it! – Will Robie, assassin, has his shot lined up. He patiently waits for the person to come into view, and when he does, Robie fires his long range sniper rifle. At that instant, the daughter of the man that is being shot walks behind him and also…

“The God’s Eye View” by Barry Eisler

the gods eye view 3

(Information is Power) Genre: Thriller – Buy it! – “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” Lord Acton In this day & age: Information is Power. Evie Gallagher works at the NSA. She is a devoted single mother to a deaf child and a computer science graduate. At her NSA job, Evie developed…

“Kill Shot” by Vince Flynn

kill shot

Genre: Thriller (Mitch Rapp Prequel #2) – BUY it! – “Kill Shot” picks up one year after the events in “American Assassin”. Mitch Rapp is a promising young assassin working for a secret organization attached to the CIA. His bosses, Thomas Stansfield and Irene Kennedy, have given Rapp a list of Pan Am Lockerbie Flight…

March 2016 Thrillers


Lots of new Thrillers!  Enjoy… — The Steel Kiss by Jeffery Deaver (BUY) Overwatch by Matthew Betley Clawback by J.A. Jance The Saints of the Lost and Found by T.M. Causey Gone Again by James Grippando Back Blast by Mark Greaney Speakers of the Dead by J. Aaron Sanders Pegasus Down by Philip Donlay Starrie…

“The 5th Wave” by Rick Yancey

the 5th wave featured

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy (Aliens take over the World) – Buy! – Aliens invade. The alien mothership hovers in space until it decides to attack. But it does so slowly and methodically. The 1st Wave: Lights Out: A massive Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) takes out all electronics crashing planes and trains and automobiles while killing hundreds…

February 2016 Thrillers


Lots of new books!  Happy Reading.  :-) — City of Rose by Rob Hart Pacific Burn by Barry Lancet River Road by Carol Goodman Written in Fire by Marcus Sakey The Short Drop by Matthew FitzSimmons White Leopard by Laurent Guillaume The Spirit of Grace by Terry Lynn Thomas Spoils of Victory by John A.…

“Headhunters” by Jo Nesbo

headhunters 1

(Tense Murder Mystery) Genre: Thriller / Mystery — Buy! — Roger Brown is Norway’s top headhunter. When he recommends someone to a client, the company knows he or she is the right person for the position. Roger Brown is also an art thief. When he interviews people for jobs, he finds out if they have…

January 2016 Thrillers

Jan 2016 Thrillers

New Years Resolution:  Read more books!  Enjoy. — The First Order by Jeff Abbott The Forgotten Soldier by Brad Taylor Forty Thieves by Thomas Perry The Good Goodbye by Carla Buckley Lost and Found by Allison Brennan & Laura Griffin Reacher Said Nothing: Lee Child and the Making of Make Me by Andy Martin Headed…

Book Trailers


Watch these Book Trailers by Circle of Seven Productions. Very cool. – Click the bars (top left) to select from playlist – – – – –


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